I Was Compelled To Get Married, Says Boxing Champion Masevex

By Gbenga Sodeinde

The Ikere Ekiti born Current National Light Heavy weight Champion Boxing Title, Adewale Masebinu, A.k a MASEVEX has revealed that he is getting married by Next Month, November 7, this year because he was compelled to do so.

The 33 years old Boxing Champion released to journalists that he love his profession so much that he has been skeptical of what could make him loose focus hence he has refused to marry since despite his family’s calls and persuasions that he should get married before now.

Masevex who said he was initially running away from marriage so as not to get delayed or loose focus in his boxing profession, revealed that since he won the National Light Heavy weight boxing tittle in 2018, “women have been troubling me, and did not give me breathless space because they want to want to marry me”

“After much thought and consultations with my coach who assure me that marriage will not affect my boxing profession, I now decided to go for my ‘heartbeat’ Adebimpe kehinde at bollad event center in Ibadan, Oyo State” Masevex added.

The National Light Heavy weight who said he is still eyeing the World Boxing Title disclosed that he is prepared to go and defend his current tittle immediately after his wedding, saying he is battle ready for his challenger.