ENDSARS : Your Silence Is No More Golden…Omitade Tells Buhari

…says a stitch in time saves nine

Prophet James Omitade of the Holy Trinity Authority Prophetic Church int Ado Ekiti has said that Nigeria needs more prayers now than ever before.

Speaking with newsmen in Ado Ekiti, Omitade explained that the current bloodshed and unrest resulting from #EndSars protests would have been averted if the nation had listen to the warnings of prophets and prayed as suggested.

He affirmed that the current crisis was just one out of many that have been foreseen and reported by prophets including him but the messages were doubted and trivialized by government and the people

According to Prophet Omitade “It is a great pity that as religious as African societies are, nobody pays attention to the warnings of the seer(prophet). No prophet wants negative prophecies to come to pass no matter the situation.

“This is why before now, we always ask Nigerians to pray against one development or the other, but no one pays attention. This present crisis had been forewarned about six years ago and even five months away .

Prophet Omitade however blamed the level of things at the moment to the persistent silence of president Muhammadu Buhari.

He was of the opinion that things wouldn’t have gone too bad as it is, if the president had come out to address the youths and ensure immediate implementation of some of their demands.

“As a father, you don’t need to allow your children to fall into fire before you react.This style of president Buhari of always waiting for issues to reach certain limit before reacting is quite unacceptable due to its consequential effects, its not every issue that you keep quite and watch for so long, else things will get worst .

I expected the president to have addressed the people by now rather than allowing the security agents to kill innocent souls who were just demanding a better Nigeria.

Prophet Omitade advised the youths to sheath their swords and hope that the world has heard them but they should be ready to channel similar energy in 2023 to bring in a youth with vision that will give priority to their welfare.

“The youth have belled the cat, they have taken up the gauntlet, they have shown the world how direly they desire a new and better Nigeria.

“Bob Marley sang a dictum: He who fights and runs away, leaves to fight another day. In fact, he lives to preside with might and thoughts over the whims and caprices of his life and that of his detractors.

“For the fallen colleagues at the scenes of the various protests, may their shed blood never flow in vain. I pray that God will comfort their families and loved ones and reward them with the realisation of their dreams.Shalom!!