EndSARS: Reserve your energy for 2023 Elections….Prophet Omitade Counsels protesters

Prophet James Omitade of the Holy Trinity Authority Prophetic Prayer Ministry Ado Ekiti has said that the current #EndSars protest will amount to mere drama and child play if the energy displayed now is not translated during the 2023 elections

Prophet Omitade

By Blessing Agboola

Omitade in a statement made available to newsmen in Ado Ekiti noted that the ongoing protest has attested to the power of the youth to make changes in the country if they are determined.

According to him, if bad leaders still hold the position of authority, definitely the era of impunity , corruption and illegally such as police brutality will continue.

He said the best thing to do is for the youths to come together in 2023 and make sure they rally round some of their colleagues to attain the mantle of leadership in key positions.

The statement reads “Any distant observer of the present development in Nigeria may dismiss the reactions of the youth as mere exhibition of exhuberances. It is a pity that the present economic situations make them look unserious and rebellious.

“Lack of dynamism with the developmental trends is the bane of African leadership style . The only gains in power ever is recycling of old hands and time honoured problems that should be seamlessly solved once and for all.

“Youths are truly the national assets and future leaders. A good number of these youths being castigated are the brain boxes being the successes of their parents. Most contemporary Nigerians nay African youths are more vast and knowledgeable than the youths in the 60’s and 70’s. And yet, their lives, worth and importance have fiddled with or without any regards.

“What was the age of some of the present crop of Nigerian leaders when they began their forays into both public and political offices?

“From all indications, there is sufficient proof that these youths can perform far better than their peers in ages past even now in the 21st century. The novel part of their demands is a better future which is not negotiable.

“Why should Male youths become endangered species in their own country? Why should they be misunderstood over common social matters?

“The right answers under focus is that the older ones whom we thought are wiser have failed, Promises upon promises, year in year out for several decades and no end in sight to the mounting problems around.

“For now, the best for all is to allow peace to rain supreme. I will advice the youths to please sheath their swords. Let them seize the opportunity of the protest as a reawakening call. The euphoria of their demands should be garvanized into a United front that will launch political interest come 2023.

“Who says a 40 year old cannot rule successfully?

“If truly the youths desire a change, they should ensure that their inputs should be at the top i.e at the point of decision making and ratification. The time for underdogs has since expired.

“I will advice they shun violence, bridandage and waste of time. They have expressed themselves and therefore, they should go back to their fortresses and launch back with vigour and honesty of purpose with youth packed political party of like minds and vote massively come 2023.