JayTee Ojo Foundation Supports Agitations Against Police Brutality, Impunity

……Urges Youth to be resolute in demand, remain peaceful in protest

By Temitope Ogungowokan.

A non governmental organization, the JayTee Ojo foundation says it is solidly in support of the agitations of protesters against police brutality and impunity across the country and in several parts of the world.

Co-President of the foundation, JayTee Ojo in a statement says the foundation believes in the rights of young persons to movement and expression without victimization.

He says it is very obvious that some overzealous trigger happy security operatives were still operating in the dark ages where lawlessness held sway, in an era and time where Nigerian youths were actively involved in innovative technology and competing favourably with their counterparts around the globe, despite the myriad of problems bedevilling the society they unfortunately found themselves in!

Mr Ojo, a data scientist and farmer who hails from Ikoro Ekiti, says the JayTee Ojo Foundation has had cause to hire the services of a law firm after security agencies had arrested IT personnel of the foundation in different parts of the country, young persons of impeccable character whose only offence was that they carried a laptop and a phone, basic tools of information technology in the current age.

“It is gladdening to see global actors in solidarity with the protesters in Nigeria and across the world, protesting with the hashtags #EndImpunity and #EndPoliceBrutality; this has gone a long way in redeeming the badly battered image of the young Nigerian person and has also proven that the country’s youth are resilient, hardworking and creative despite the challenges they faced on a daily basis”.

Mr Ojo said the foundation condoled with the families of those who had lost their lives in encounters with some of the country’s overzealous security operatives, and asked that erring officers be brought to book.

“I encourage the protesters to be resilient in their demands and to stay peaceful in their protests”.