By Prophet Omitade.

The nation Nigeria came up as a contraption through the experimentation of Lord Luggard in 1914.
The North merged with the South, became the synthesis of what Nigerian has being since then.

It could not be said to be a marriage between strange bed fellows.

However the unfolding events in the course of time attempt to cast aspersions on a vision that has made several nations great.

The United kingdom, USA, Brazil, Canada, China, etc, are countries made of diverse groups of people and nations but have united to achieve greatness by combining their strengths and weaknesses together.

It is a pity that Luggard who should have been rightly referred to as the founding father of the nation, did not tarry. Even, the so called pre and post Independence fathers of the nation such as Dr Nnamdi Azikwe , Sir Ahmadu Bello, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Sir Tafawa Bello, etc could not be said to have the common vision that Lord Luggard had when he foisted unity on this entity.

Over time, various Anthropologists, Economists, Political Scientist and other stakeholders have profered different thesis about the country just because she finds it difficult to be numbered amongst the nation states that are called “great”. The country and its anticipated greatness seems to thrive in thoughts only. Factors which were not and should not be major hindrances to nation building have since become the front burner in fostering division.

No excuses could be adduced whatsoever since we have several countries that were far behind ours, comparatively at Independence. A good number of them have leapt beyond ours in terms of economic development and growth.

The major issue is that Nigeria as a nation has always existed in thoughts of both leaders and followers alike. How come Nigerians potentials performance and productivity receive wide acclaim abroad but together achieve little or nothing within the local environment? Issues such as Tribalism, Ethnicity, Religious bigotry and sectionalism need not affect us that much if we are so conscious of a common vision.
What is the position of education in the place of these vices?
Why are we more concerned about cake sharing?

Why do some ethnic groups become less superior than the others in the hours of cake sharing but they matter greatly at its baking?

Principles of the fear of God which predominated the whole country have disappeared as if Nigeria never had contact with missionaries (both Christians and Muslims). Non religious people are less implicated now in the annals of malfeasance both in the formal and informal settings as compared to the so called members of religious groups.

The problem confronting each and all, is that we fail to discover the yet to be discovered by which we have been living only on the experimentation of strength and weaknesses. Little wonder about three and a half decades ago, Professor Wole Soyinka described the bulk and the cream of the nation’s population as a wasted generation. Evidently, our attitudes in all matters precipitating the emergence of a viral nation are yet to reach such an Hallmark that will discountenance his assertion. Our progress resembles only backward movement.
Everyone talks about unity only in thoughts and never in reality. Until truthfulness and absolute dedication is established in all facets of the society, this great nation will remain a nation in thoughts and not in reality as we all wittiness with all the happening around us everyday.