Traditionalist Advocates Inclusion Of Ifa In School Curriculum, Underscores Importance Of Herbal Medicines

By Tope Ogunfowakan

It is possible to celebrate traditional festivals without violating the covid-19 precautions.

This is the opinion of a traditional stakeholder and Head Ifa worshippers in Delta Community, Ekiti state chapter Chief Noah Agbogun

Chief Agbogun affirmed that he celebrated this year’s 2020 Ifa festival in line with Covid-19 preventive guidelines, saying the celebration which took place in his traditional home in Ado Ekiti had in attendance less than 20 people.

Chief Agbogun while speaking with Journalist explained that from inception, mode of performing the real aspect of all African traditional festival has been in line with all the government guidelines now stipulated to prevent the spread of coronavirus, he added that the kind of celebration which goes with funfare and usually attract large gatherings was inculcated for social reason

He said “For instance Ifa divination chooses date for worshippers to celebrate the festival , we cant celebrate anytime on our own, our Festival is called OGBELOTUN,OSALOSI, today Friday14th of August is the day given to us by the divination, you can see everything is in line with pandemic preventive guideline, unknown to many people the core aspect of African traditional festival has taken care of all these , the celebration which attracts crowd is just human addition for merrymaking and homecoming which in this period can easily be removed for pandemic.

‘In enforcing the covid-19 directive friends, families, well wishers both home and abroad who would have been around this time have sent several messages on social media to greet us , we have also prepared take away gift of free herbs, food and drinks for neighbours,wellwishers around to just pick and go as they come, and its not possible for them to come at the same time , when no provision for such , this year Ifa festival falls on the same date with Osun Oshogbo festival because of the spiritual relationship between the two”

On how to discover Covid-19 drug, Chief Ajogun lamented that African system has been designed in a way that all their hearts/lives have been placed in the hands of white people.

“our system is not favourable at all. Africa traditional stakeholders have wherewithal on remedy for coronavirus but what of acceptability, credibility and belivability couple with long process of ascertainment, but I want to urge our government especially in Nigeria not to belittle or downgrade African medicine in curative for human existence.

Chief Agbogun also urged government to include the Study of Ifa in school curriculum this according to him “will eradicate ignorance and corruption in society, it will also boost development in Nigeria” he advised