By Roundoffnews

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress APC, in Ekiti State, and the Publicity Secretary South West, Asiwaju Karounwi Oladapo has predicted the kind of person that is likely to emerge as the next president of Nigeria.

His prediction followed a critical deductive reasoning on Nigeria Leadership from 1999 – 2023 as stated below.

Geopolitical Arrangements

South – Obasanjo
North – Yaradua
South – Jonathan
North – Buhari
2023 South – ?

Religious Arrangements.

Obasanjo – Christian
Yaradua – Muslim
Jonathan – Christian
Buhari – Muslim
2023 – Christian

Gerontological Arrangements.

1.Obasanjo – Septuagenarian ( 70 and above)

2.Yaradua/Jonathan – Young ( not far advanced in age)

  1. Buhari – Septuagenarian
  2. 2023 – Young.

According to the APC chieftain, These arrangements were responsible for the relative Political Stability of the last twenty years ; the North and South have their turns interchangeably, the Christians and Muslims have their turns interchangeably, the Old and Young have their turns interchangeably. No cheating! Nothing should be done to alter the balance in the interest of Peace and Stability of Nigeria in 2023.

“Nothing can stop rotational Presidency and the shift of Leadership to the South in 2023 with the existing Federal structure that encourages ethnic loyalty and consciousness due to the undue concentration of Powers at the center. Rotational Presidency can only be done away with only if Nigeria is fiscally restructured and more Powers and responsibilities are devolved to the federating units.

Based on this premise, one can deduce that the next Nigeria President in 2023 should :

  1. come from the South.
  2. be a Christian.
  3. not a Septuagenarian but Young.

He explained that readers are at liberty to plot their graphs as the statement was just his own personal opinion and NOT that of the South West APC).