Deaconess Eunice Olusola

By Roundoffnews

Former Deputy Governor of Ekiti State, Prof. Kolapo Olusola ELEKA has urged parents to properly train their children, stressing that both formal and informal education will expose what would determine how far they will go in life.

Prof. Eleka stated this on Wednesday during the 80th Birthday Celebration for his mother, Deaconess Eunice Olusola, whom he paid glowing tribute to.

According to the former Deputy Governor, the foundation given to children in terms of training goes a long way in ensuring that they become useful to themselves and the society.

Describing his mother as a disciplinarian, straightforward and blunt woman, who says things the way they are, Eleka noted that he took of his parent’s virtues.

“My mother, My Teacher and encourager, a peaceful home maker, irrepressible by adversity, who nurtured me in the way of The Lord, an Educationist par excellence, a thorough disciplinarian who instilled in me the disciplines of honesty, diligence and selflessness. We bless God for having you as our mother” He said.

Eleka emphasized the need for people to always count their days and to remember God in all their daily activities, adding that it is the grace of God that can make people to clock 80 years on earth

The Celebrant, Deaconess Eunice Olusola appreciated the former Deputy Governor for leading his siblings to the expected ways of life