By Bayo Famoroti.

Dr. C.T. Omotunde, the Archbishop of Ondo Province and Bishop of Ekiti Diocese (Anglican Communion), in continuation of his salvation message has warned Christians against seeking fun rather than Christ for their salvation.

Sounding the note of warning in his sermon on 8th Sunday of Trinity, the cleric said that catching fun at the expense of salvation is a deadly affair and an expressway to hell.

Said he: “You know what is right about obedience to the word of God. Some see the church as a social setting and can tell the story of how the church started but do not have the story of Christ that is most important in them. They still partake in traditional worship and contribute to festivals.

“Some used to be zealous for Christ but now they are very cold; examine your position with Christ. I pity some Christians who still go on drinking spree after church service, commit adultery, fornication, smoke, steal and swindle people. Quit these ungodly habits and lket God help you.

“Those who love the things of this world are on the wrong path; focus on Christ Jesus for the assurance of eternal life with Him”.

Archbishop Omotunde cautioned that the love of things of this world surely ends in destruction, and cited the case of Samson in the Bible, whose lust for Delilah led to his downfall.

“Do you want to do the will of God? Then you must let God’s word be in you. Choose the Bible as your friend, to meditate in and practice for spiritual lifting”, he said.