By Bayo Famoroti

Christians have been told to be guided strictly by the golden rule on love, which is the greatest commandment by God in order to engender peace and progress in the society.

The admonition was given by the Archbishop of Ondo Province and Bishop of Ekiti Diocese (Anglican Communion), Dr. C.T. Omotunde, in a sermon he delivered on the 8th Sunday in Trinity.
According to him, the central message of Jesus to humanity is love and that his followers should rise up to the challenge by loving their neighbours and God.

Dr. Omotunde said Christians are supposed to be examples to others by exuding love and eschewing hatred, pointing out that no one could claim to love God when he hates his neighbor and that such people are in darkness.
“If you hate your brother or sister and you claim to be a Christian, you are fake and you are in darkness while hell is your destination.

Also if you cannot speak the truth, then you don’t have Christ in you and you are in darkness”, he said.

He said it is regrettable that all segments of the society are full of darkness which is hindering the progress and peace in the country despite being richly blessed by God and advised all and sundry to have a change of heart by making the truth their watchword.

The Archbishop said it is a sad commentary that people hate those that speak the truth and embrace lies and falsehood whole-heartedly, pointing out that such negative attitude must stop and the people should be in the light rather than darkness.

He then urged Christians to desire an encounter with Christ Jesus so as to be the light of the world.