…Says Foundation Will Support Amotekun For Efficient Service Delivery And Security For The People

Co President of the JayTee Ojo Foundation, JayTee Ojo has thrown his weight behind the South West Security Network, code named Amotekun, saying that it was the perfect solution for farmland security in recourse to the impending food shortage which might occur as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Ojo who said that Amotekun had saved the country from impending war between Southwest tribes and the Fulanis, explained that tensions and conflicts have occurred across all civilisations due to roaming cattle destroying cultivated farmlands.

The Ikoro born philanthropist and data engineer who lamented the destruction caused by cows on farms in Ekiti said it was unthinkable for any Southwesterner not to support Amotekun adding that it was the legal lifeline to keep the herders at bay from farmlands.

Saying Amotekun might not reach it’s potential if poorly funding and if support was left to the government only, Mr Ojo said it was the prerogative of well meaning individuals and communities to support the security network.

The philanthropist said the JayTee Ojo foundation was ready to support the Amotekun Corp both in Ekiti State and the Southwest in any capacity necessary and called on all other well meaning individuals from the state and beyond to do so.

He emphasized that local and state governments could not bear the financial brunt alone while hailing the domestication of the corp in various state houses of assembly from architecture to framework.

“I strongly believe that Amotekun’s functions are primarily along border towns and coarse vegetation hence my advice to the Western Nigeria Security Network to avoid putting their offices and HQs in the cities”.

Mr Ojo allayed fears that Amotekun would be a tool in the hands of politicians saying he was hopeful that the registration of members of the corp would be done in the ambit of the laws of the state houses of assembly adding that for the first time the Western Nigeria was more united in purpose.