By Roundoffnews

Following the high rate of crimes in the society, the Ekiti State Youth Parliament has presented a workplan/proposal to Ekiti State Police Command on how to ensure a crime free society.

The document which was presented to the command by the speaker of the parliament Right Hon. Ayo Fatunla comprises various strategies that could be applied by the security agencies and government to stem the tide of crimes.

The document was received by the Assistant Commissioner of Police on behalf of the Commissioner of Police who has just been promoted to Assistant Inspector General of Police in the country.

Speaking during the presentation, Fatunla affirmed that the society had become increasingly unsecured, but said the development was not as a result of negligence by the police force but because there were many unfavourable structural forces such as the laws, public policies, institutional behaviour, organizational practices, prevailing ideologies, values and belief.

According to him, another reason that can be stated is the lack of meaningful engagement for the teeming youths.

” As we know, a very active and healthy youth must be engaged in something or something will engage him. Unemployment is therefore a precursor for crime, but never a justifiable reason. On the above stated, we in the Parliament as the irrepressible voice of the Ekiti Youth have been advocating for governmental inclusion and meaningful employment for our youths.

“Insecurity is a global issue, it is a menace that has astronomically increase as the population increases. Without gain saying, the youth constitute the largest portion of the world population, in Ekiti State, youths constitute 65% of our population.

“It is clearly stated in the Nigeria National Youth Policy Document that youths are the greatest asset of a Nation and are also the greatest investment any nation can have. It is therefore important the youths are not seen as the problem, but a partner in solving key societal issues and topmost among that is the security of lives and properties of our people. While also we note that social vices must be frowned at by us all. We are joining hands with the Police Force today to ensure Ekiti is well policed.

“Youth interactions present a unique set of challenges and opportunities to making the community a free crime zone. The youths are the strongest workforce and tools of the community for its survival and this raises the need for the integration of the youths in policing our communities, nobody knows our communities that us.

“The youths are the most active force of a population, they can be found every where driving the economy and also doing the negative, we shall continue to raise an active voice against all forms of social vices and crimes. We in the parliament have therefore seen a need for a more meaningful engagement of the youths and how we can partner to ensure a fast reduction in the level of crime in Ekiti State. As we all know, only a safe environment can be an harbinger of development. The parliament is committed to youth capacity training and development and would partner any organization willing to raise the bar.

Fatunla promised that the parliament under his leadership would leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the youths take their pride of place.

The speaker, appealed to youths to shun vices and cooperate with security agents to achieve the target of making Ekiti the safest haven in Nigeria.