By Roundoffnews

The Chief Whip of the State of Osun House of Assembly, Mr Tunde Olatunji has felicitated with the State’s Deputy Governor, Mr Olugboyega Alabi on his 55th birthday.

In a statement in Osogbo, Mr Olatunji described the Deputy Governor as a complete metamorphosis, traversing successfully the extreme areas of Banking and Politics with enviable record.

He affirmed that evidences abound of the very iconic performance of Mr Gboyega Alabi in the Banking and Financial Sector of the nation’s economy for many years, before exploring the service inclined domain of politics.

The Chief Whip pointed out that the Deputy Governor had also manifested such capacities of professional resilience, diligence, frugality, loyalty, humility and dedication to a course into the governance and service of the State.

“As a former Banker myself, now on the same Ship with you providing service at governance level, I bear copious witness of your outstanding performance in the two industries “.

Mr Olatunji also described Mr Alabi as a man, who is peaceful in his conduct, preaches religious tolerance and fervently holds the conviction that people should get things not on the basis of their faith or association, but their capacity and determination to serve.

“Mr Deputy Governor sir, you are a rare bred and a gift to humanity. What else can one say or wish for than for the almighty to keep and protect you, that you may live long and deliver more to our people in quality and life transforming service”.