By Roundoffnews

The labour Force in Ekiti State has warned a group of people acting under a pseudo name “Concerned Workers” to stop the issuance of bulletin in respect to workers agitations.

The Concerned Workers have issued several bulletins where they called the attention of government to some undone needs and demands of workers.

However in a statement in Ado Ekiti, the secretaries of NLC, TUC and JNC Comrade Akinyemi Taiwo Eunice,
Comrade Kuloogun Lawrence and Comrade Gbenga Olowoyo, said the various issues raised by the group had already been discussed with the appropriate authorities and most of them were already yielding positive results.

The statements reads”The attention of the leadership of Organized Labour and other affiliated Unions comprising NLC/TUC/JNC have been drawn to the various Bulletins flying in the pseudo-name of Concerned Ekiti Workers.

“The Organized Labour found it expedient to keep the so called concerned workers abreast of efforts of the leadership of the Organized Labour on issues affecting service matters and welfare of workers in the State.

“First and foremost, it is no more news that issues of outstanding implementation of promotion spanning 2015,2016,2017,2018 and 2019 have been overwhelmly discussed with the State Government and this was buttressed in the speech of Mr. Governor during the May Day address that all the Promotions Arrears are being addressed and the Organized Labour is optimistic that the state will address this issue in quick dispatch in order to douse the tension.

“In the same vein, the Organized Labour at different fora has advised the State Government on the need to ensure continuous payment of Gross Salary in order not to starve Cooperative Societies, Banks Loan Repayment, Union Check off dues etc which may cause debilitating economic depression to the Micro Economy of Ekiti State, which is primarily regarded as a civil service state.

The statement explains that the  Organized Labour is very much passionate about the welfare of Pensioners who are senior citizens adding that the need to prioritize their welfare has been severally discussed with the  State Government.

“Also, the issue of Conversion and Advancement raised by the concerned workers are very important and the State Government has been advised to act passionately into this in order to encourage career fulfillment of workers that had gone to acquire additional educational qualifications.

“From the foregoing, the leadership of Organized Labour found it very necessary to rationalize our efforts on the aforementioned germane issues which are very important for the attention of the State Government.

“It is informative to put on record that several letters have been written by the leadership of the Organized Labour in respect of the recurrent issues bothering on the workers welfare; as we have not at any time rested on our oars as being speculated in some quarters. We have not at anytime be at the defence of the State Government, more so that the Labour leaders are equally affected in the circumstance we found ourselves as Labour Leaders and in the State as a whole.  

“Consequent upon the above, the self acclaimed “Concerned Workers” should put a stop to the issuance of further bulletin which may be viewed with different perspective by our detractors.

“However, the State Government is encouraged to take cognizance of the demands of workers and address the issues urgently, so as to capture the expectation and interest of the entire workers in the Public service of Ekiti State.

The Labour force  re-assured that all matters affecting the welfare of workers would  not be compromised  saying any worker with useful intention, advice or idea should come forward, instead of hiding their identity.