By Bayo Famoroti

The Archbishop of Ondo Province and Bishop of Ekiti Diocese (Anglican Communion), Dr. C. T Omotunde, has declared that the Copvid 19 pandemic is a test for the faithfulness of Christians in God.

Making the declaration in a sermon, the Archbishop, said because of the [prevention of people from congregating in places of worship, a lot of Christians have become cold.

He admonished Christians to worship God in their private homes, turn back to God and bear good fruits.

Said he: “ Some people don’t worship God again because of Covid 19. This Coronavirus has made people to forget God. Let me tell you,Covid 19 is a temptation to all Christians; some become cold and some that were very hot in Church are now lukewarm. Some died because they are no more in Christ.

“With God, there is nothing like Covid 19, particularly, if you keep to instructions. The virus will not come near you because you live in God and God is living in you. You cannot bear good fruits if you don’t live in God”.

Archbishop Omotunde, who said the Church is still in the season of Trinity, disclosed that the Church has green colour in its altar to show that Christians should be fruitful and productive as God commanded.

According to him, the word of God is very important to cleanse Christians but that some people listen to it and refuse to change.

“You are not going to heaven. I must confess to you, if you claim to be a Christian and you are still doing bad things; God says there is no way for you. Only those that live in God can be cleansed by Him. He will protect you from all tribulation and temptations, just like Job’, he said.