Mrs Ayodele

By Roundoffnews

A leading female politician in Osun State, Mrs Mercy Ayodele has called on the National and State Assemblies to accord a new status to issues of Rape, Defilement and Gender Violence in all the existing legislations in the country.

Mrs Ayodele was speaking against the backdrop of prevalent reported cases of Rape and Gender Violence related cases in Nigeria of recent.

To this effect, She suggested the amendment of the extant laws to give speedy trial to such cases within 3 months, just as it is in election petitions matters.

Mrs Ayodele argued that even if the laws provide death sentence for sex offenders, long proceedings could frustrate trials as it could make victims and witnesses loose interest in coming to Court, a development which could destroy the case of the victims.

The female politician appealed to men as husbands and fathers to lead the struggle against the prevalent sexual crimes in Nigeria.

“I strongly believe that law, as a fundamental instrument of Democratic engineering and social reordering can be employed to decisively fight Rape and other sexual maladies, hence the need to critically look at it”.