Mrs Juliana Adigun.

By Roundoffnews

The chairman of the Trade Union Congress Ekiti State, Comrade Sola Adigun has felicitated with his mother, Mrs Juliana Adigun on her 74th birthday.

Comrade Adigun took to the social media, particularly his Facebook page where he showered encomiums on his mother whom he described as Mummy Mi!

Meanwhile hundreds of his friends across the globe have also joined in saying sweet words and wishes to the mother of the popular Labour leader.

See Adigun’s words for his mum.

Mummy Mi!

I don’t know her real birth date. Her Uncle and parents told her she was born at the peak of rainfall in those days.

For her official records, she had been using the date recorded in her baptismal certificate, which is June 2nd.

So, Mummy’s birthday is June 2nd. That’s the woman that was eager to celebrate a few birthday celebrations I had. Happy Birthday to my dear Mummy, “Mummy Mi”

The woman that consciously and unconsciously showed me the way that led to my interest in the things of God.
This is a wonderful woman that you may be tempted to believe you are the most loved by her until you see her dispositions to other siblings.

Mummy Mi, as I fondly call her, though my classmates like ‘handsome’ thought I was too matured at the secondary school level to be calling ‘Mummy Mi’. It was then in Form Four I changed her appellention to Mummy.
I can proudly, say now and forevermore she is Mummy Mi.

Mummy Mi, when other didn’t believe in me, you saw the hidden ability. You kept the encourage in me alive.
When the wicked world wanted to destroy and change my destiny you stood up in the gap.
Everywhere, you went looking unto Almighty God to protect this boy.
I remember many times you beg you cousin, Auntie Yemi Oke(now late) to appeal to me to be going to church, reluctantly I would go because I loved that my Aunty and she so loved me.

Mummy Mi, we kept the candle night together in the course of reading. You would be awake for me to be able to read. Many reading strategies you taught me.

Mummy Mi, you are my first teacher, you taught me how to read 1,2,3… and A, B, C.. your approach paid off, I had best results in my Primary School days despite the fact that you are not a professional teacher. I can recall now that I used the same approach for Ayo and his siblings.

Mummy Mi, I was telling Daddy, your wonderful husband a few days ago on his farm that you are a God sent, an entrepreneur that can do any decent job to get money for the family. That you are a blessing to him and his family.
He joyfully and proudly agreed.

You are a giver, so caring,some times to a fault. You are a go-getter and very hardworking. Mummy would be awake as early as 4 am to be in the kitchen in those days. Breakfast would be ready before 6 am. Dinner was too late in those days by 6:10pm. I’m not surprised still seeing you go to the kitchen to get food for your husband our wonderful father at your age.

Some may not know that you are a great disciplinarian. We feared you when it comes to discipline.Ayo, Seun and Tope had a taste of such gestures.

At your level, you taught us to pray. I remember vividly how you would be moving around home praying, from kitchen to toilet, kitchen to yard, “murmuring,” your prayers , though very annoying to me then but I can say God answered all those prayers.

Mummy Mi, you are a great giver, lover of your kids, passionate about relatives. Faithful and committed wife and mother. May you witness more healthy and prosperous years on earth.
Congratulations and happy birthday to you, Mummy My!