By: Bayo Famoroti

The Archbishop of Ondo Province and Bishop of Ekiti Diocese (Anglican Communion), Dr. C. T. Omotunde has urged Christians to desire the in-filling of the Holy Spirit.

This he said is very important because it is the only way to work for God successfully.

Archbishop Omotunde gave the counsel in his sermon on the commemoration of Pentecost day, which he described as the birthday of the church.

“We remember Pentecost today, the day that the Holy Spirit came down to His church. We congratulate ourselves; we can say today is the birthday of the church.

“There were temple and synagogue before but the Holy Spirit, gave birth to the church we are experiencing today. About 120 disciples were on the mountain praying when the Holy Spirit came down and 3,000 were converted that day.”

He explained that the Holy Spirit is for those who were ready to work and serve God with their heart and that the Holy Spirit is available to those who were born again with clean heart.

“If you are living in sin, the Holy Spirit of God cannot live in you he said.

“If you have the Holy Spirit after receiving Jesus Christ, He will guide you and make you to hate sinful acts. The effect of the Holy Spirit is to rebuild your life. The real point today is to repent, and be baptize, then you will receive the Holy Spirit and you will not be proud like some do today. The Holy Spirit empowers us to preach the gospel.

He said the Holy Spirit is available to everyone, just make a change and that if any man does not have the spirit of God in him is not a Christian