By Roundoffnews

The founder of TZAR foundation, Mr. Temitayo R. Zubair has felicitated with children in Nigeria on the occasion of the 2020 children’s day celebration.

In a statement made available to newsmen, the founder congratulated every parent for another opportunity to witness the year 2020 children’s day which he described as a special day.

“Children’s Day reminds everyone of the preciousness of our children. People should be aware of the importance of welfare and the rights of children for the society and the nation” .

Mr. Temitayo R. Zubair echoed that “as responsible citizens of the country, we should not categorize children in accordance with their religion, caste, social and economic status nor by their physical appearance or abilities.

He urged that parents should teach their children to live by the standards of education as it is an indispensable tool in a Nation’s development and hence, should be considered mandatory.

The founder of the foundation also said, the day also reminds parents to support and protect their children by giving them qualitative education, sustainable welfare and health care .

“Parents should give opportunity for children to express their thoughts, and try to understand them. Children are the gifts from God, pure heart, innocent, and loved by everybody. John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States of America once said that “children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future “.

“As a foundation, Our mission among others is :To improve lives through social investment in Education and the well being of the indigent members in the society aimed at achieving positive changes in the society.

Children’s day is celebrated on the 27th day of May every year Globally with enthusiasm, happiness, and fun.

The founder of Temitayo Zubair Abdul-Rasaq foundation implored parents to ensure safety and well-being of the children during this period of Covid-19 pandemic by adhering to safety measures as recommended by government and health professionals.

Let us celebrate this day with happiness and enjoy the gift of childhood.