By Roundoffnews

The Publicity Secretary of the Southwest All Progressives Congress APC Asiwaju Karounwi Oladapo has described the prolonged crisis rocking the People’s Democratic Party PDP in Ekiti State as a blessing for APC.

PDP in Ekiti State has continued to battle with leadership crisis which has resulted in several litigations and factions within the party.

In view of the crisis, a Caretaker committees was appointed by the national body to manage the affairs of the party in the state pending the conduct of a fresh election that would produce new leadership.

In a statement in Ado Ekiti, Asiwaju Oladapo who mocked the party for its inability to run a peaceful and coordinated organization explained that the current dilemma confronting PDP would insulate his Party, APC, from unnecessary distractions and allow it consolidate its hold on Power and deliver measurable and tangible services to the good People of Ekiti State and make life more abundant for them.

“The National body of the PDP has handed over the management of Ekiti PDP to Oyo and Osun States respectively ; the Caretaker Chairman is from Oyo State while the Caretaker Secretary is from Osun State. The PDP National body couldn’t find any trusted and capable PDP figures in Ekiti to manage the Party affairs in the interim in Ekiti State. This is very demeaning and not eddyfing! Anyway this is the worth of Ekiti PDP before the PDP National hierarchy.

“The PDP Wards executives just inaugurated in multiple factions are before the Federal High Court for resolution and until the court decides, one way or another, the legitimate Wards Excos that are supposed to constitute the Local Government congress for the elections of PDP leaders at the Local Government level will tarry, except the Party decides to be contemptuous of Court process. The same applies to the State Congress. The matter that hasn’t taken off at the Federal high Court, and that is bound to get to the Supreme Court, Can the resolution be achieved and congresses concluded within 3 months, even if the Lockdown is lifted today? Your guess is as good as mine.

“The Caretaker Committees and the subjugation of Ekiti PDP under the rulership of Oyo and Osun will remain beyond 3 months, except miracle happens and the suits are withdrawn from the Court for a Political solution, which I doubt much !!!!

Speaking on why he finds delight in the misfortune of PDP, Oladapo said “As a member of the APC ruling Party, I take pleasure in the misfortune of the opposition Parties, especially the PDP. I am wired to create problems for the opposition even if the opposition is at peace with itself. .

“I have personal axe to grind with Ekiti PDP that brazenly robbed me of my House of Representatives victory at gun point in 2007 General Elections and went further to manipulate the Elections Petition Tribunal against me! A certain PDP Governor deployed Ekiti resources against my Personal modest savings during the struggles. I almost became a wreck at the time. My loss was PDP gain in 2007. Therefore, Ekiti PDP misfortune is a thing of joy to me. I am certainly enjoying the PDP music as it’s currently playing!! dancing galore !

“And to those that just defected from Ekiti APC to PDP, you are warmly welcome to your new Ekiti PDP house of commotion. Jumping from frying pan to fire he said.

“Finally, I will encourage those who can no longer stand the heat in Ekiti PDP to come over to APC. We will be happy to welcome you. We are very peaceful, organized and accommodating. The more, the merrier for us in APC.