By Roundoffnews

Some invited guests on Roundoff News platform yesterday have said that early preparations put in place by Ekiti state government was responsible for low number of Covid19 cases in the state.

This is just as the Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs, Chief Niyi Ojo declared that government was prepared to test 100000 people before June for early detection of covid-19 patients.

The guest speakers Dr. Abidemi Omonisi, Ekiti based medical expert and his co-discussant, Chief Niyi Ojo Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs, while reacting to some questions on Roundoff News platform yesterday paid a glowing tribute to Dr.Kayode Fayemi for his ingenuity and other concerned bodies at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic in Ekiti state and Nigeria at large.

While speaking Dr. Abidemi revealed that Ekiti State Task Force on Covid19 was constituted early enough by Governor Kayode Fayemi when there was no single outbreak in the State.

According to the medical personnel, this and other preventive measures put in place by the state government was the magic that helped in checking the spread of the disease in the state after the index case.

Dr. Adibemi regretted that some people still doubt the existence of the pandemic in the country despite various sensitisations and campaigns put in place by the government and other concerned bodies.

“We are face- to- face with COVID- 19 not only in Nigeria but here in Ekiti. COVID- 19 is real!!!

“From the various medical indicators, the virus is here with us for now. We are still not at the peak yet.”

On his part, Chief Niyi Ojo
revealed that a testing center will soon be opened for operations in Ekiti state where appreciable number of citizens will be tested.

“Before June the government would have tested more than 100000 indigenes.

“A testing center will be opened soon in Ekiti state,”he said.

Chief Ojo added that the state government has trained and procured all the necessary personal protective equipments for its medical personnel handling the pandemic, as against the rumor of non availability of PPE’s which made a medical doctor contract the disease.

“Only a Doctor has contracted the virus in Ekiti owing to his quest to make money without fully equipped for the task ahead. He contracted it from private clinic,” he said.

While reacting to the infiltration of people into the state despite the lockdown in the state, Chief Ojo regretted the roles played by some security operatives who compromised government efforts at their duty posts.

“We have been able to stem the tide if not for unscrupulous elements in the security arms that compromised their lines of duty”

However, the duo called on everyone to personal hygiene seriously.