NIGERIA MAY FACE ACUTE FAMINE AFTER COVID-19 PANDEMIC IF…JAYTEE OJO FOUNDATION…as foundation provides food support, medical outreach to over three hundred aged persons in Ikoro Ekiti, Ijero local government.

By Roundoffnews.

The President of the JayTee Ojo Foundation, Mr JayTee Ojo has charged governments, well to do individuals and able bodied persons to focus on agriculture as a panacea in view of an impending food shortage which may occur in light of the recent lockdown by various world governments due to Covid-19.

Mr Ojo, a software engineer and data analyst who explained that food shortage after the lockdown might be inevitable due to the sit at home order, said government’s purchasing power was decreasing due to a gradual drop in oil prices (the major income earner for the Nigerian Government) which meant there would be futuristic challenges in payments of salaries and allowances and less funds to implement vital projects.

While adding that external loans might come at a very high cost for the Federal Government and State Governments, the data analyst said it would be a case of few privileged people with spending power struggling to buy available food items, leading to a case of inflation of food prices.
He opined that the only way out of the quagmire was for governments to ease the lockdowns on farms and encourage more people to go into agriculture as a medium term solution adding that now was the best time to plant annual and biennial crops to address future impending food shortages.

“We must begin to aggressively tilt our thought process to agriculture for sustainable growth system. Food will become expensive as more people sit at home instead of going to the farms. The whole world is affected by Covid-19 and most countries will not be willing to loan funds as every nation is busy taking care of its people.

We must embrace agriculture so we can eat what we plant and still make money from sales of the remaining produce. Oil prices are dropping daily meaning less federal allocations and we cannot place the entire burden on government. In a while the Jaytee Ojo Foundation will be announcing how it plans to encourage young people to embrace the farms as a means of livelihood”.

Mr Ojo said that the Jaytee Ojo Foundation in a bid to cushion the effect of the stay at home order, had provided food support and free medical outreach to over one thousand indigenes in his hometown, Ikoro Ekiti, Ijero local government area.

The Foundation provided food items to every home that had an elderly person 80 years old or over in Ikoro Ekiti while over a dozen centenarians received free medical checkups, drugs and health counsel.

Co-President of the JayTee Ojo Foundation and wife of the President, Mrs Simisola Ojo (a paediatric nurse) explained that the gesture by the Foundation was to ameliorate the pains caused by the lockdown.
“We focused on two main categories of people.

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The elderly who could still go out but needed care and those who could not go out at all. Some of these people depended on care givers who went out every day to make a living to feed and pay the bills.

The lockdown has caused them some discomfort and hardship. This is what has motivated the foundation to take this course of action”.
Asking people giving palliatives to be mindful of the methods of presentation as to avoid mass gatherings and scuffles which negated the purpose of the presentation, Mrs Ojo said that the foundation had gathered data and fine tuned modalities to ensure that beneficiaries got their packages directly without breaking the rules of social distancing.

They revealed plans of an oncoming program targeted at farmers in a bid to work towards ensuring food security in the state.