By Roundoffnews

Allegations of extortion at Comprehensive High School,Along Ikere-Ado road on Wednesday sparked grumbles from motorists and other Okada owners who ply the road for essential services

The motorists, expressed dissatisfaction with the way officers of the “Peace-corps were demanding N200 payment before permitting vehicles to pass.

It was gathered that one of the dual carriage lane have been closed with
Motorists subjected to various forms of harassment for refusing to part with N200 especially on demand by the officers who are said not to be bothered by the need to request for identity card and the papers of vehicle owners

They call on appropriate authority to intervene and curb such act of lawlessness.

When contacted on telephone, the Public Relations Officer of the corps denied the allegation saying it was not true.

According to him, it is not only peace corps alone that is on the road, as there are other security agents, wondering why anyone could assume that men of the corps were taking money.

He said the operation is a joint work hence the public should disregard the rumour noting that his men were professionals and disciplined.