Most Rev. Dr. C.T. Omotunde

By Roundoffnews

The Archbishop of Ondo Province and Bishop of Ekiti Diocese of the Anglican Communion, Most Rev. Dr. C.T. Omotunde has declared that only Christianity can boast of a Messiah among other religions of the world.

He made the declaration in a sermon he delivered on Easter at the Cathedral Church of Emmanuel, Ado Ekiti.

According to him, of all the founders of religions throughout the world, only that of Christianity is unique; even though Jesus died but he resurrected on the third day.

“In fact, the resurrection of Jesus is the hallmark and central belief of Christianity and the climax of our faith. The Bible says if Jesus did not resurrect we will be the most miserable of all.

“Today, we are remembering what Jesus has done for every one of us, for those who believe in him; they are the ones with hope”, he said.

Most Rev. Omotunde however called on Christians to remain steadfast and committed to God’s work amidst coronavirus crisis.