By Roundoffnews

Ekiti State Government has been advised to come up with programmes and policies that will  promote productive land utilisation by indigenes of the state.

This is part of resolutions reached by members of the  Ekiti State  Council of Elders during its meeting which  deliberated on land usages in Ekiti by none indigenes.

According to the leaders, necessary steps must be taken to maximize the usage of available lands in the state for economic growth.

They observed that “only 10,% of our land is being cultivated hence this encourages indigenes of other states near and far to occupy our land”

“This has led to some serious problems in some local government areas.

In his remark, Leader of the Yorubas, Prof. Banji Akintoy described Ekiti as the ‘ intellectual heartland and the power house ‘ of the Yoruba land and Nigeria as a whole. 

The Leader of the Yorubas appraised the land document as a very good  work that is worthy of being placed before the United Nations and he was sure that the World body will be happy as the  document deals with the current world issue of migration.

He urged that copies also be made available to all the governors of South Western Nigeria,  the Yoruba Homeland.