By Roundoffnews.

The quest for fame and money has ruined the lives of two young men in Ekiti state as they were allegedly attacked by the spirits during a process for money ritual.

The men were caught along Afao road while misbehaving after the ritual went awry.

Roundoffnews gathered that the two men came from Oba Ile, Akure ondo State to meet an herbalist who prepared the ritual for them.

However in the process of applying some of the concoction prepared by the herbalist, the young men got attacked by the spirits and lost their senses.

Speaking with Roundoffnews, the men who were sounding incoherent said the herbalist gave them some concoction to drink which latter had negative effect on them.

One of them who was praying fervently called for forgiveness of his sins, as he confessed to have been involved in a lot of rituals for him to be famous and to be recognized in the society.

He also said he had given the herbalist about five hundred thousand naira for the ritual which eventually caused them the trouble.

Some fetish substances were found in the vehicle brought by the victims.

Subsequently, five persons including the herbalist have been arrested by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps.