By Roundoffnews.

In order to ensure a free, fair, credible and hitch free
election in the forthcoming Local Government poll
slated for Saturday 7 Ekiti state police command has released some guidelines which must be adhered to.

In a statement in Ado Ekiti, the
Police Public Relations Officer Asp. Sunday Abutu, said any one who flout any of the rules would be sanctioned.
The principles are.;
(a) Any person who, on election day, acts or incites
others to act in a disorderly manner commits an
offence and shall be liable on conviction.

(b) No person shall, on election day, canvass for votes,
solicit for the votes of any voter, persuade any voter
not to vote, or shout slogans concerning the election.
(c) No person shall be in possession of any offensive
weapon or wear any dress or have any facial or
other decoration which in any event is calculated to
intimidate voters.
(d) No person shall use any vehicle bearing the colour or
symbol of a political party by any means whatsoever.
(e) No person shall loiter around polling units without
lawful excuse after voting.

(f) No person should snatch or destroy any election
(g) No person shall blare siren on election day.
In addition, the general public is hereby informed and
warned about the following:
(a) Only registered voters with their authentic PVCs shall
be found at the polling units.
(b) One voter, one PVC, one Vote.
(c) Impersonating voters shall be arrested and
prosecuted in the court of law.
(d) Vehicular movement during the period of the election
shall be restricted to only those on election duties
and those on some special assignments with the
election tags.
(e) Business men/women shall go about their lawful
businesses but must not distract or disrupt the election
In view of the above, all political parties, their
candidates and members shall cooperate fully with the law
enforcement agents to ensure the safety and security of
election materials, election officials, party agents, and the
electorate on election day.