By Roundoffnews.

Ekiti state government has denied the rumor making the rounds that voters without PVC can use drivers license and National Identity Card to participate in the forthcoming local government poll.

Government in a statement made available to newsmen in Ado Ekiti, claimed that such statement credited to the commissioner for information Aare Muyiwa Olumilua was far from the truth and a clear miss interpretation of thought.

The statement reads.
“Contrary to the news published in some newspapers, stating that Ekiti State Government has said that people could vote with their Driver’s licences and Identity cards, this is not the true position of Ekiti State Government.

Electoral laws and guidelines, are the exclusive preserve of the INEC and SIEC, and the government has no desire to usurp their functions. What I said, was from my engagement with SIEC on the issue of voters with damaged or defaced PVCs. SIEC said that in situations like that, the prospective voter must have been duly captured in the voter’s register, and must have been issued a PVC prior to the election. But in a situation whereby the PVC is defaced or damaged, another form of identity, which is biometric based, could be used to ascertain the identity of such a person, and the decision to allow such person(s) to vote, lies exclusively with the Presiding Officer of the Polling Unit.

The Government of Ekiti State will not make a statement which seemingly takes over the functions and duties of the State Independent Electoral Commission.

The operative world here is ‘Independent’, and the State Government respects that.

All members of the public are advised to disregard the publications as government of Ekiti state would not go against the principles and dictate of a statutory organization.