By Roundoffnews.

The people of Erio Ekiti, have been cut off from Efon Alaaye and other communities in the state as the major bridge linking the areas has finally collapsed.

the bridge caved on Thursday and was left with a big gully in between.

This development left motorists plying the road helpless and many commuters stranded.

Roundoffnews gathered that the collapse was due to inability of government to attend to the bridge after some part got damaged due to heavy flooding.

Motorists coming for Lagos axis and those from Igede and Ado Ekiti had to settle for an alternative routes as the little part left was too narrow for some vehicles to ply and risky .

Speaking with Roundoffnews, some residents of the community blamed government for failure to repair the bridge at the early stage of damage despite all pleas .

They lamented that the development would bring great set back to the community.