By Roundoffnews.

Various roads in Ado Ekiti, the state capital have again been riddled with potholes few months after the massive repair on roads by the ministry of works.

The mostly affected routes are Adebayo, Adehun, Egbewa, Ekute Basiri to mention but a few.

The potholes were among the first projects attended to by governor Kayode Fayemi after assuming office in October last year.

However,  most of the areas repaired have failed again while new portions have emerged.


Aside the traffic congestion often caused by this potholes many drivers are still counting their losses especially those who rammed into the holes with speed unknowingly .

This development is not far fetch from the heavy rain witnessed consistently in recent time.

Some of the potholes are so deep that even a heavy truck will feel its impact if passed through.

Speaking with Roundoffnews, some motorists appealed to government to ensure quick repair of the road due to its effect on transportation and lives of commuters.

“The road leading to Shelterview Housing Estate along Afao Road, Ado-Ekiti is already unpassable. Big potholes have developed following flooding from the estate to the other side of the road. Motorists and workers going to the Nigerian Civil Defence and Prison Correctional Service now drive facing one another while many vehicles plying Ado-Afao route have broken down at the potholes spots.
Commuters have appealed to the Ekiti State Government to quickly come to their rescue to channelise the streams in the area and effect repairs on the damaged parts of the road a respondent said.

They claimed that the bad road was capable of causing accident hence the need for government to do the needful at the appropriate time.

Reacting recently to the issue of the potholes, the commissioner for Information Mr Muyiwa Olumilua said government was already working on the affected roads.