By Roundoffnews.

A Student of Olaoluwa Muslim Grammar School, Ado Ekiti on Wednesday slumped after taken excessive weed.

Roundoffnews gathered that the student who was found helpless on the floor was said to have been lured into the smoking habit by some of his colleagues who later dumped him in a bush  after they discovered that he had fainted.

The bush in question is located between the primary and secondary school sections.

The boy was  rescued by residents and some  teachers of the school after the information got to them.

Speaking on the development, residents of the area alleged that the student slumped while his colleagues were trying to initiate him as members of a cult group.

They  explained that some of the students have turned the bush and uncompleted buildings in the area to a den where they often perform their dastardly acts.

They called one government to clear the bush to prevent the students from carrying out their illegal activities.

In a chat the counselor of Olaoluwa Muslim Secondary School, pastor Victor Adelusi who confrimed the incident, said  he received a distress call that one of the school students had died in the bush, but on  getting there he discovered that the boy was grasping for breath hence he was resuscitated.

Pastor Adelusi  noted that the Student had been taken to his house as his parents confirmed that he had been engaging in drugs recently.

He explained that the concern students would be duly punished.