By Charles Adenitan.

As Nigeria marks 59th Independence Anniversary, the Chief Whip of the State of Osun House of Assembly, Mr Tunde Olatunji says, patriotism of all citizens is crucial to build a formidable economy which is sine qua non to a strong nationhood.

In a message to celebrate the nation’s political independence, Mr Olatunji noted ” what a makes a nation to become point of reckoning is not a function of its population or landmass, but the strength of its economy which is consequent upon the honest and patriotic determination of its citizens”.

The Chief Whip noted that the reality of the nations economy 59th years post independence in terms of employment, capacity to meet its manufactured needs and social nets, conspicuously suggests that much still required to be done.

He said ” South Africa with a population of 55 million is already doing a budget of 100 billion US dollar, while Nigeria with approximately 203 million people is still roving around 30 billion US Dollars “.

Mr Olatunji contended that the challenge was not that of political leadership alone as often touted in many quarters, but that of other leaders in other sectors and citizens who conspire to take advantage of the system, and turn back to blame their leaders.

He sighted example of the new bank charges on minimum deposit, which he said was in the overall interest of the security and stability of the country, but being criticised by 90% of people who could not in a year have access to #500,000 cash who would never be adversely affected by the policy.

The legislator who represents Ife North Constituency maintained that for the country to progress at the required speed, citizens must be patient, tolerant, honest and above all be patriotic in supporting government’s economy policies and react to same with utmost objectivity.

He harped on the need for Nigeria to consciously generate income to fund its expenditure through responsive citizens, while leadership must be accountable and the sincere in blocking loopholes that make corruption viable.

Mr Olatunji also charged the principal actors in the nation’s polity, particularly officers of the three arms of government to be weary of conducts capable of promoting discord and truncating the nations Democratic adventure, while he urged the people to see security as a task in which everyone has major stake.

He felicitated with all Nigerians, both home and abroad, calling on them to remember the country in their prayers.