By Roundoffnews.

Street sweepers employed by Ekiti state government this morning took to the street of Ado Ekiti to protest the poor attention of government to their welfare.

The protesters numbering about two hundred chanted solidarity songs and carried placards with various inscriptions bearing their minds and agitations.

The women who were looking gloomy and dejected  stormed the office of the wife of the governor, Erelu Bisi Fayemi in Fajuyi where they raised an alarm of “Save Our Souls”

Speaking with Roundoffnews, the women explained that the sole administrator employed to manage the Ekiti State Waste Management Board Mr Adebayo Kelekun  has been treating them like a slave.

According to them, the administrator has been paying them the sum of five thousand naira as against the ten thousand naira pronounced by government.

The sweepers explained that the five thousand naira was not been enough to cater for their transportation let alone feeding and other needs.

They also claimed that they have been responsible for the personal provision of all necessary materials utilized for the discharge of the sweeping services adding that government had failed to give them kits that could  prevent them from contracting diseases.

Also the women alleged that out of the five thousand naira, some officials of the board often  deduct some amount on the excuse of absenteeism.

Addressing the protesters, the wife of the governor Erelu Bisi Fayemi sympathized with the women and promised to discuss the issue with the governor for immediate action.

At at his office, the SA on Waste Management Mr Adebayo Kelekun pleaded with the women and promised to also reach out to the governor on the matter.