Omoba Aderemi

Ade Ademiju, Ado- Ekiti.

A Lagos based industrialist and Atayero of Aramoko- Ekiti Omoba Olusegun Aderemi has cautioned traditional rulers in Ekiti State who are facing selection crisis to refrain from comments or reactions on trending issues permeating within the section of the traditional rulers in the state

Atayero, instead urged prominent citizens in Ekiti to wage into the raging crisis rocking the State Council of Obas over Traditional rulers Chairmanship appointment.

Speaking with newsmen in Ado Ekiti , Omoba Aderemi posited that any Monarch who still has selection cases in competent court is not qualified to comment or even sit for meetings with the high ranking pelupelu Obas, such Monarch according to him should keep mute until their selection cases are settled .

Omoba Aderemi therefore criticized some monarchs for allegedly fuelling the crisis in the media,calling them to thread softly. .

He called the Pelupelu obas to also caution such monarchs and bring them to order until resolution of their selections.

The appointment of Alawe of Ilawe-Ekiti,Oba Adebanji Alabi as the new chair of Ekiti Traditional Council by Governor Kayode Fayemi had generated controversy in the state as the Pelupelu monarchs protested the eligibility of Alawe.

Omoba Segun Aderemi said any monarch whose selection case is still pending in a competent court has no right to comment on traditional matter or even sit together for meetings with Pelupelu obas.

“For instance Olu Adeyemi still has selection case in court, the case which should have been concluded, but for self help he (Olu Adeyemi) he is enjoying from the present administration in the state.

“There is still a case of selection between Olu Adeyemi and Omoba Segun Aderemi, so as a matter of fact, position of Alara of Aramoko Ekiti is still vacant

“I also urge the pelupelu obas not to allow any Monarch that still has selection case in a competent court to contribute or react to issues pertaining to the traditional forum, such “Monarch” should hold on till the selection crisis is settled, because such is only parading himself as Oba and not yet a monarch, he should hold on till the case is settled”

Omoba Aderemi therefore charged the pelupelu obas as an embodiment of peaceful resolution in the society, saying “they should not allow politicians or court to determine their fates, they should resolve amicably “

Aderemi however called on prominent citizens in the state like Legal luminary, Aare Afe Babalola to use their influences to mediate in the crisis .