By Roundooffnews.

A middle aged man Sunday Olorunleke has been found dead in his house at Abe aba area of Ado Ekiti.

The deceased who was a commercial motorcyclist was found on Saturday morning lying in pool of his own blood after he was allegedly stabbed to death by yet to be identified persons.

Reports say the man was killed after his wife and children had gone to camp while he was at home alone.

Speaking with roundoffnews, some neighbours of the deceased suspect that the incident might have happened between Thursday and Saturday because he was still seen in the neighborhood on Thursday afternoon.

According to the neighbours the wife of the deceased put a call across to them on Thursday when she could not reach her husband on phone and they informed her that they saw him that very day.

However the community was shocked after the wife arrived Saturday morning and met the door closed and sought the assistance of people to break the door where she found her husband corpse on the floor.

They called on the security agents to investigate the killing and bring culprits to book