Moremi Bus stop

By Roundoffnews.

Traders and consumers of alcoholic substances known as “paraga” have taken over the popular Moremi Bus-stop in Ado Ekiti.

Moremi Bus stop is one of the projects named after the late former Deputy Governor of Ekiti State Mrs Aduni Olayinka.

The Bus-stop located closely to the office of the wife of the governor along secretariat road, Fajuyi Ado Ekiti was designed to provide shade for commuters and members of the public.

Reverse is however the case as the edifice has been turned to a market where alcoholic substances particularly the common local bitter drinks and other petty goods are traded freely.

The substances which were owed by different traders were often displayed on the table to attract customers.

During a visit to the place by roundoffnews, consumers of the alcoholic substances were seen constituting neusance and making all sorts of immoral comments in the spirit of fun.

Aside this, Roundoffnews noticed that the environment was not well kept as it was littered with various refuse on the floor coupled with unbearable stains on the wall.

Reacting to this development, some members of the public described the practice as a pure disecreation and disrespect for the late hero of the state.

The people also claimed that selling of alcohol in such a place was even a security threat to the office of the wife of the governor.

During an informal chat, the traders claimed that they got the permission of necessary authorities before trading the substances at the spot but do not mention who or which office.

This rooundoffnews will find out in the next publication.