EKSU Students Stranded in Lagos After Competition Due to Unpaid Allowances .

By Roundoffnews.

Some students of the Ekiti State University Ado Ekiti who represented the Institution in the just concluded Higher Institution Football League held in Lagos, Lagos State have been stranded in the the city due to lack of resources to convey them back to Ado.

The Students who traveled to Lagos on Tuesday were expected to return to Ado on Friday after the competition was rounded off.

However reverse is the case as the students both players, supporters’ club and officials have been left to their fates in UNILAG guest house due to the inability of EKSU management to release funds for the payment of their allowances and fueling of vehicle that would convey them back to Ado.

The students were led to the completion by the Deputy Sport Director of the institution Evangelist Adesagan and participated in the competition which was hosted by UNILAG where they lost out at the round of Thirty two.

About two hundred universities participated in the competition.

Some of the players who could not bear the hardship have continued to send distress messages to their parents and colleagues on campus a copy of which was made available to Roundoffnews.

In a telephone conversation, the players claimed that since they got to Lagos on Tuesday they have been living on their own money as there was no provision for food, Accommodation and necessary logistics.

“we paid for the guest house with our own money, we had to cramp ourselves in the rooms with about five players to a room which was unhealthy they claimed”.

“We have been feeding on junks and unhealthy foods which our little resources could afford. Infact some of my colleagues developed running stomach because we ate what we got and not what we wanted just like an animal a player claimed”.

The Students condemned the action of the concern authorities for subjecting them to such terrible treatments despite the fact that every student pay the sum of Seven thousand Naira per session as sport fee.

The players said they were the only team left in Lagos urging the state government to prevail on the management of the University to make arangement for their safe return.

when Contacted the Deputy Director Sport Evangelist Adesogan who is not left out of the show confirmed that the players and other officials were stranded due to the inability of the management to pay the allowances of the players and make provision for necessary logistics.

Evangelist Adesogan said he had contacted the management and efforts were on to make the payment and ensure the return of the students.