By Kayode Joseph.

A Customary Court sitting in Ado Ekiti has dissolved a 3-year-old marriage between Agbaniko Beatrice and her husband, Samuel.

The marriage was dissolved on the grounds of threats to the woman’s life, hot temper, jealousness and lack of proper care for her and the only child by her husband.

The parties had earlier given their evidences on April 04, 2019 and the judgment was reserved for May 16, 2019.

Beatrice, 39, a resident of Ise- Ekiti, Ise- Orun local government, told the Court that her husband often threaten her life for refusal to marry him legally, because there was no legal marriage between them but mere association.

She claimed that they were not living together and he often beat her whenever he comes for a visit adding that he had injured her left hand and she could hardly use it to lift any object.

According to her, the husband is a jealous man, saying if she receives a call, he will become impatient and suspicious.

“He has not been responsible to our child, I have been responsible for everything and he even told me to withdraw the case from the court so that he will not be able to pay anything on the child” she said.

Beatrice told the court that she want him to be responsible for the child’s education and if he want to see his child, he can do it in the school but subject to her notification.

The petitioner urged the court to award the custody of the child, Israel who is two years old to her because of her husband threat towards him.

But the respondent, Samuel, 39, who lives in Ado-Ekiti along Iworoko-Ekiti , denied the allegations leveled against him.

He said when he met his wife and proposed to her, she agreed and took him to her parents, and they were so much in love.

He said suddenly she changed towards him and stopped picking his calls which made him to report to her parents.

He said there was a time she stayed away from him for almost four months, claiming that she was told in the church to stay away from him.

He said he had been responsible for the welfare of the child before and after delivery, but she denied him the access to see him.

The respondent said he still loves his wife and want her back but if she is pregnant for another man, they can go their separate ways.

The President of the Court, Mrs Olayinka Akomolede, observed that the marriage had broken down irretrievably and consequently dissolved the marriage.

Akomolede ruled that the child should be awarded to the petitioner, while the respondent shall be paying the sum of N3,000 for the monthly feeding allowance of the child.

She ordered that the parties should be jointly responsible for the child’s education.

She granted access to the respondent to see his child at school hours but on notification.