By Bukola Ajayi

A passionate appeal has gone to Ekiti State Government as a matter of great concern to urgently consider the reconstruction of Erijiyan – Aramoko road that has become a death trap.

The appeal came from the President of Erijiyan International Social Club, Prince Sola Adetule (FCIA) while addressing members of the club, home and abroad at the Easter celebrations Get-together held at the recently rehabilitated Ikogosi Warm Spring by government of Governor Kayode Fayemi abandoned by the immediate past administration.

Prince Sola Adetule expressed concern that the condition of the road had been causing serious and unquantifiable hardship to the three comminutes in the area including Ipole – Iloro, Ikogosi and Erijiyan.

Traders in the concern communies wishing to transact a
businesses in Aramoko were been forced to pass through Ilawe to Igede to Aramoko a distance of over 20 to 30 kilometers instead of passing through less than 15 to 18 kilometers.

According to him the condition of the only and shortness road from Aramoko to the world second to none Ikogosi Warm Spring and a major tourist center to Ekiti State a
has seriously affected the economic well being of the three communities.

Prince Adetule also commended the State Government for the reconnection of the town’s electricity.

He equally acknowledged the leadership of the Erijiyan Improvement Union (IPU) for their commitment towards the development of the town.

Erijiyan and other two communities of the area have been in darkness for over four years.

He finally enjoined the club’s members to embrace development of the town by establishing medium scale industries where youth could be gainfully employed.